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menofcsi_stills's Journal

Men Of CSI Stillness Community
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This is a stillness community for all the men of all three CSI shows (CSI, CSI: Miami & CSI: NY). Each week will feature caps of different men from each show, and from those caps icons are to be made.


x Challenges are posted on Fridays. Voting starts on Friday and goes to Sunday. This is a biweekly challenge which means a new challenge goes up every two weeks instead of every week.
x Do not use your icon at all until after competition is finished (ie, voting results are posted)
x You may not blend any of the caps and absolutely no animations. Textures, brushes and gradients are welcomed and encouraged.
x You must be a member to participate (ie, post icons and vote on them).
x Myself and any other mods I may take on are allowed to enter, but we may only enter three icons and we are not up for Mod's Choice.
x For the most part, the amount of icons allowed to be submitted will be 6 (you must use six different caps). Any changes to that will be mentioned in the post with the caps. You can always submit less than 6.
x Uploadng the icon into your userpics is not an acceptable way to submit an icon. Submit icons in the following manner:

URL of image

Owner: afteriwake

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